Virtual Assistant Services

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Small business owners often begin their adventures in entrepreneurialism by handling everything themselves. From answering the phones to populating the website with content to liaising with vendors, entrepreneurs do it all. At some point, however, your business will expand to a point at which you simply can’t handle everything yourself. Unfortunately, hiring an in-office assistant can be prohibitively expensive. The solution is virtual assistant services from Precision. We’ll handle your day-to-day tasks so that you can focus on growing your business.

Our Virtual Assistant Services

Precision, LLC offers a full suite of virtual assistant services for your convenience. We’ll handle everything from general office administration to social media marketing! Some of our most commonly requested services include the following:

Email: Email is a major pain point for small business owners. It’s necessary to answer customer questions promptly and to keep in touch with your business contacts, yet checking your email multiple times each day is counterproductive and time-consuming. That’s why many small business owners prefer to delegate their email-related tasks to Precision.

Website Content: Blogs are an essential part of marketing campaigns. Yet, small business owners often can’t find the time to write or they lack the skills to put together compelling content that customers want to read. We offer one-off and regularly scheduled blogging services that entice your customers and showcase your services.

Social Media Marketing: These days, any business that isn’t on at least one social media platform might as well not exist. Customers expect companies to offer informative and entertaining social media content. Thanks to our virtual assistant services, you can confidently outsource this task.

Travel Arrangements: Fed up with searching for the best hotel and airfare deals? Not sure how to optimize your credit card reward points? Let us handle those mundane tasks for you! We’ll strive to reduce your travel costs while still enabling you to get to where you need to go in comfort.

Client Relationships: Client relationships are very important with small businesses. Sometimes just a quick note lets your clients know you care. We offer services such as sending personalized referral gifts, thank you gifts/cards, birthday cards/Christmas cards at the end of the year ect.

Appointments: Managing appointments can be a hassle, and spending too much time on the phone is counterproductive. Our virtual assistant will handle your appointments for you so you can focus on making your customers happy.

If you need further services that are not listed here, please feel free to reach out and inquire! We’ll be happy to customize our remote support to suit your business’ needs.

Why Hire a Virtual Assistant?

If you ask most small business owners who have hired virtual assistants about the reason for their decision, they’ll probably tell you it was because of time. Time is one thing that business owners can never get enough of, but one effective way to free up more of your day is to outsource general office administration tasks. Here’s a quick look at other common reasons why business owners hire Precision’s virtual assistant:

  • Task delegation is a smart way to scale your business.
  • Outsourcing tasks streamlines business operations.
  • A virtual assistant can provide invaluable business insights based on customer interactions.
  • A virtual assistant can help extend your hours of operation—without making you work 12-hour days.
  • Virtual assistants are far more cost-effective than in-house staff.

Our virtual assistant services will free up your time so you can focus on what matters most: making your business as successful as possible. Contact Precision, LLC in Tucson at (520) 668-6537 to discuss your company’s needs and request a quote. Be sure to ask us about our bookkeeping services as well, which ensure your company’s financials are accurate and properly maintained.